We thank our amazing sponsors for their support!!

Little Bit Special

Little Bit Special started with the idea of creating bespoke traditional hunting stocks – to be handed down through the generations and cherished for years to come. The inspiration was from a silver stock pin of swallows that my daughter was given by her grandmother – this stock pin was specially made and given as a gift to her great, great, great grandmother in Cornwall. Keeping with the tradition of white stocks for hunting but adding that touch of bespoke on the tails making them that 'Little Bit Special'. Little Bit Special stocks are made to Hunt! Stocks that can be 'put in the wash' with a quick iron ready for the next hunt.

Each stock is designed, embroidered and sewn by me (Monique) – custom made - bespoke – that 'Little Bit Special'. Follow my Facebook or Instagram pages and send me a message to begin designing YOUR bespoke 'Little Bit Special' stock.

Check them out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063584560233

Hippo Health

Passionate about creating homeopathy remedies that are safe, gentle and non-toxic. That's why all our remedies are 100% natural and made using only the best herbal and homeopathic ingredients and are free from artificial preservatives, additives and colours, gluten and dairy.

Our focus is on holistic health, which is why all our remedies are created to be safely used alongside medicines prescribed by veterinarians and doctors. Our remedies work to support a natural immune system response or improve the assimilation of minerals through the gut and are given orally to ensure dosing doesn't sting or cause any stress.

Check them out at https://hippohealth.co.nz

Rachel Vogan

Whipser - Passionate about hunting, ponies, passion, people and plants. Also known as The Happy Gardener - a plant extraordinaire. Rach is an amazing and generous supporter and member of the South Canterbury Hunt. Pictured here with her beloved late Pops, the ultimate hunter, who many have had the pleasure of hunting over the years.

Follow Rachel at https://www.facebook.com/thehappygardenernz

Viana Fallaver

'V' is hugely passionate about all things horses. Vet Nurse and Large Animal Vet Technician. Contract Milks 800 cows with husband Brad in Ashburton and has 3 sprogs keeping her on her toes! As a dedicated member of the South Canterbury Hunt, she is a keen supporter and driver of the Flying Fillies Hunt Fundraiser. 

Get Nailed By Ash

Ashleigh O'Connor is a qualified nail and lash technician based in Fendalton, Christchurh. She has a shared passion for all things beauty and horses. Ash comes to Ashburton every three weeks where she provides the latest nail manicure techniques. 

What a treat!! Visit her facebook page at - https://www.facebook.com/getnailedbyash

Sophie Cartmer

Sophie, originally hailing from the UK but claiming NZ citizenship, grew up in Timaru and after graduating from university with a BSc, spent 10 years up the East Coast of the North Island, sheep and beef farming, vet nursing and AI'ing dairy cows. 

Sophie has a life long love of horses and most enjoyed her time in Gisborne learning the ways of 'the coast'. This is where her passion for hunting began, hunting with Poverty Bay. She feels incredibly lucky to have been able to travel the length of the country with her horses. Sophie absolutely loves the friends and partner she has found through this epic journey with horses. Sophie firmly believes that horses keep you humble and honest and you'll never stop learning if you're willing to listen.

Sophie is even a Marriage Celebrant! Talk about multi skilled! Getting married soon? Hit her up at - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083016930361

Elizabeth Beeby

Liz has been lucky to have ridden horses her whole life. She caught the hunting bug easily after being introduced by her friends 10 years ago. Liz is a hugely passionate, dedicated and loyal member of the South Canterbury Hunt and is always first to put her hand up to help. She is a busy Mum of 2 boys and is a talented side saddle rider. Pictured here, riding side saddle on her beautiful late mare, Bella.

Environmental Consultancy Ltd

Environmental Consultancy Limited (ECS) was established in 1994 by our very own Joint Master, Lindsay Anderson. ECS specialise in investigating and monitoring surface water and groundwater resources, and monitoring of compliance of resource consent conditions. Based in Timaru, ECS combine an extensive knowledge of the surface water and groundwater resources within the central South Island of New Zealand with the requirements of the Resource Management Act and the resource consent process. They can assist clients in obtaining resource consents for irrigation, dairy conversions (effluent disposal / consent to farm / change of land use), and to comply with conditions of current resource consents. ECS has developed an excellent working relationship with Regional Council resource management officers.

Check out their key services at:


Equus Elite Apparel

Equus Elite Apparel are a collective of equestrian and fitness professionals united by a common purpose – to redefine the equestrian experience. Their team comprises seasoned riders, certified trainers, and apparel experts who share a passion for both horses and active living. With a deep understanding of the demands of the sport, they craft cutting-edge apparel that seamlessly marries style, functionality, and performance. Equus Elite is more than a brand; it's a movement that embodies the spirit of athleticism, unity, and the unbreakable bond between rider and horse.

Join the Fit Rider Movement today with Equus Elite, and let them help you become your best self. www.equuseliteapparel.com 

Flying Horse NZ

Based in Invercargill, Flying Horse is Southland's most extensive private equestrian facility and caters for a wide range of disciplines from dressage, to jumping, to natural horsemanship. Flying Horse Ltd pride themselves on the appearance of their horses. People always comment on the lovely shiny coats and flowing tails. They firmly believe that good feed, a relaxed environment and correct training go a long way to achieving this. Julia Latham is the Director and the Equine Manager of Flying Horse NZ.

Check them out at: https://www.flyinghorseltd.co.nz/

Tekapo Springs

Experience the total relaxation of soaking in hot water in an alpine environment 720 metre above sea level. The pools at Tekapo Springs give magnificent views over the blue Lake Tekapo and sparse golden mountain ranges. Tekapo Springs tickets are for all day and for multiple entries, so you can come and go as often as you like throughout the day. 

Be sure to visit them at: https://tekaposprings.co.nz/


FOURFLAX supplements are ideal for all ponies and horses - whether they are happy hackers at home, strutting their stuff in the show ring, or in regular competitions and strenuous work. 

Combining the best of science and nature, FOURFLAX products target itchy and dry skin concerns, help to build strong, healthy bones & joints and promote a healthy gut & digestive system to keep things moving along nicely!

Check out the FOURFLAX website at: https://www.fourflax.co.nz/

H & S Heritage

Dreamt up by a rural mum in the heart of Mackenzie Country NZ, Hide & Seek Clothing all started when Penny couldn't find something she'd had while roaming the farm as a child: high-quality, durable clothing that looked good. H & S Heritage transformed from a small dream in my dining room, to a New Zealand heritage brand known for its uncompromising quality and unique design features.

Check them out at - https://handsheritage.co.nz/

Seahorse Supplements

Premium equine supplements, proudly New Zealand made and owned. Seahorse Supplements are dedicated to equine wellbeing and recognise the crucial role that health plays in a horse's overall happiness and longevity. The Maxia range was created to provide premium supplements supporting the overall health of New Zealand horses.

Seahorse Supplements know that the wellbeing, condition and behaviour of a horse stems from its gut health. Their premium equine supplements provide support from the inside out, balancing the digestive system for a healthy, happy horse. 

Check them out at - https://seahorsesupplements.co.nz

Animal Physio Aoraki

Animals like people, can respond to physiotherapy – the purpose of which is to restore and maintain strength, mobility, function, independence, wellbeing and performance. It can be used to treat a number of problems from joint conditions, muscle strains, ligament and nerve injuries to rehabilitation pre and post-surgery. It can also be used to help address obesity, reduced fitness and age related issues such as osteoarthritis.

Animals often only display subtle signs of pain or discomfort such as stiffness or a change in behaviour or performance. They can also compensate for pain by altering the way in which they move, which can lead to muscle imbalances and dysfunction and ultimately in reduced function and performance. Every animal is an individual and a thorough assessment is required to tailor treatment specifically to its needs.

Lucy Finch not only treats humans, but small and large animals too, alongside rider symmetry assessments.

Check her out at - https://aorakianimal.co.nz

Slowlife Collection

The Slowlife Collection offer a premium range of picnic and leisure gear made for thrill-seekers and chill-seekers, sunset sessions and weekend wanderings. Their mission is to make products that support the best things in life: spending slow time under the sun with family and friends. 

The Slowlife Collection is a celebration of our roots: the good times we've had, and all those to come. Slowlife Collection products blend style, function and quality - made to look good, work well and last for a whole lifetime's worth of adventures.

The collection is made up of classic pieces for the perfect picnic - nothing more, nothing less. It's the simple things.

For must have essentials visit them at - https://slowlifecollection.com  

The Blue Hare

The Blue Hare is brought to you by a love of country, style, and character. Buffalo check, plaid and gingham are blended with neutral colours, as well as cornflower and French blues mixed with woodland creatures, that will give your room a cosy relaxed feel with loads of character.

Their dream is simple but authentic. A sense of classic design, incorporating elements such as vintage and antique wares, producing a relaxed, natural space that is versatile and family friendly. The Blue Hare has something to help make your house a home.

Browse our page from cosy cushions on your sofa, to accents for your kitchen and blue and white prints for your walls at - https://www.thebluehare.co.nz

Quality Feeds and Contracting

Based in Timaru, the Team at Quality Feeds and Contracting offer it all.

Their services include but are not limited to baling/balage/hay, cartage including stock, cultivation, direct drilling, drilling, mowing including remote, ploughing, precision planting.

Get in touch with them today at - https://www.facebook.com/p/Quality-Feeds-Contracting-100057884730114

Quality Equestrian NZ

Quality Equestrian are a small kiwi family of four, with a horsey background and a few pampered pets. They wanted to create a really great quality horse boot with strong stitching, very sticky velcro and breathability.

Their customers absolutely love the boots and they can be used in any discipline.

Check out their quality boots at https://qualityequestrian.com 

Grains & Gains

Cam and Jordan Scott run the cutter at Grains & Gains Co. A second generation farm at Timaru in the South Island of New Zealand.

When the opportunity arose to take over the reins of the family farm, we jumped at it with drive and passion, with an aim to keep the farm alive for at least another century or two, but to do so we needed to create diversification within the perimeters of what we already had access to, to create revenue to keep our dream alive!

Based on a 230 hectare property, both born and bred into agriculture, with a combined passion for producing quality, successful stock, Sheep, Beef and Equine. We originally grew as much of our own produce for the products, right here on farm until the product outgrew the farm! Now we carefully select New Zealands finest produce to be manufactured into our top quality products.

At anytime either one of us can be found at the GGs manufacturing shed, getting stuck in!

Check them out at https://grainsandgainsco.com 

Canter For Cancer

Canter for Cancer sell high quality horse rugs and accessories, clothing and gifts. A percentage of all their sales go to Cancer Research.

Check them out at https://canterforcancer.nz 

First Light Foods NZ

First Light Foods is based in Havelock North, Hawkes Bay. First Light Farms produces Venison and Wagyu at many locations throughout New Zealand. They pride themselves on their beautiful meat, it is produced the right way, by people who care. First Light's premium 100% grass-fed Wagyu is completely antibiotic free and is free of any added hormones.

First Light Foods are Non GMO verified, and they also proudly carry the Certified Humane accreditation. First Light Foods 100% grass-fed Wagyu is the Rolls Royce of beef, having won 4 gold medals at the prestigious World Steak Challenge, and is a real hit in the USA.

Have a word to Joanne Heath who represents the First Light Farms brand or check them out https://www.firstlight.farm/  

Emma Bedford Equine Therapies

Emma Bedford was bought up in a horsey family, with both parents being avid equestrians, being involved with polo, hunting, showing and dressage. Her Grandfather was a well known standardbred trainer and was a wealth of knowledge, and she spent a lot of time picking is brains!

After working with horses in NZ, Australia and England for several years, Emma decided that working with animals was in her future, which lead her down the path of becoming a Qualified Equine Sports Massage Therapist 15 years ago, and later a Diploma of Equine Acupuncture, becoming a Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

"Being able to help our beautiful equine and canine friends is a real pleasure, especially when you see the results work for the horse and owner! Help keep your horse supple, flexible and reduce any chance of injury during the hunt season with regular massage! Massage can aid in recovery between hunts, improved circulation, decreased muscle stiffness and joint inflammation, and detoxify the body." - Emma Bedford

Check Emma out at https://www.facebook.com/EmmaBedfordEquineTherapies 

Kiwi Barrels Ltd

Kiwi Barrels Ltd is a local Christchurch business started by Johan Batelaan. They supply a range of used french oak wine barrel products. Their products include half and whole oak barrels, as well as 3/4 barrels and dog kennels. Kiwi Barrels also occasionally have larger 300l and 500l barrels that people use for rainwater collection, bar leaners or cold water plunge pools. Their barrels are sourced from a range of vineyards in the Marlborough region and are generally between 5-10 years old from their first fill. The vast majority are French Oak and have been used to age New Zealand Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Check out their facebook page at - https://www.facebook.com/kiwibarrels/  

Timaru Engravers & Giftware

Timaru Engravers and Giftware are a locally owned and operated engraving, specialised gifts & trophy shop. At Timaru Engravers & Giftware they can engrave nearly anything from your traditional cups & trophies, jewellery etc right through to fire & alarm boards. Produce professional name badges for schools, businesses, personal or promotional. In their sublimation department they can reproduce car chassis ID plates, full colour presentation plaques with photos or logos & personalised coffee mugs. Laser glass engraving with black/white image/logo & text.

Check them out here: https://www.timaruengravers.co.nz/shop/cms.php?id_cms=6 

MC Equestrian

Tara, Maygen and Casey Gubb, are a local South Canterbury family with a passion for horses and getting the best they can out of both horse and rider. Maygen and Casey are successful competitive show jumpers, competing at a National level. They are supported and coached by Jill Ullrich Show Jumping.

MC Equestrian specialize in training, schooling and competing both their own horses and their clients'. They are out there doing it, whether it's hunting, showing or show jumping. MC Equestrian can offer real life experiences and effective solutions for your equine needs including but not limited to breaking in, schooling in all disciplines, exercising, lessons and sales on behalf.

Check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100091066916842 

Kate Ivey - Fitness, Health and Inspiration

Kate Ivey Fitness is a balanced and holistic approach to health and fitness, everyday life, family and fun.

At DediKate they focus on fitness, strength, nutrition, a positive mindset and how you feel. It's not about short term weight loss or fad diets, it's about long term success and getting the most out of life!

DediKate workouts are short and effective so you can easily fit them into your schedule, at home, or anywhere at any time.

Their down to earth trainers are on this journey with you, and will encourage you to do your best and never give up.

Check Kate out at https://dedikate.co.nz 


Vivacious Vibrant Lifestyle Clothing

Everyday Fresh .. to all your Special Celebrations and Occassion's.

For an amazing selection of jeans .. dresses .. pretty tops .. devine jackets and fabulous footwear … pop into Vivacious At 55 Nottingham Avenue, Halswell.

Viv is a passionate hunter with Christchurch Hunt and loves catching up and hunting with South Canterbury members. Viv is proud to be a sponsor of South Canterbury Hunt Flying Fillies Hunt.

Check out her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/VivaciousVibrantLifestyleFashion  

XCM Timaru

Xtremewear Clothing & Marketing ( XCM ) was Established in 1997 by Gareth Burgess from a suburban garage in Timaru.

The business has evolved into XCM Group Ltd, Owners Gareth & Jo Burgess and Mark & Vicky Roughan have branches in Timaru and Christchurch.

XCM supply all types of Clothing, Uniforms, Sportswear, Corporatewear, Workwear and Promotional Products branded with your quality logos.

They Manufacture, Embroider, Print and Design in house. XCM cater for all clients big and small with their extensive range of NZ made and quality imported garments and products, including our globally manufactured custom teamwear brand XCMSPORT.

XCM, your one stop shop. Check them out at https://www.xcm.co.nz

Aubrey Podiatry

Your feet are your foundation – stablise your foundation to prevent injury.

Aubrey Podiatry was established to provide high standards and affordable podiatry to South Canterburians.

Patient focused and dedicated to their patients. Aubrey Podiatry was established in April 2017 in Timaru by Louise Aubrey. Louise has been helping the feet of the people of South Canterbury become pain and trouble free for years.

Make a booking or check them out at https://www.aubreypodiatry.com


FMG Advice & Insurance

No matter whether you're a farmer, grower, lifestyle block owner, or a rural or provincial business, FMG have a range of insurance for if the unexpected happens.

FMG has been around for over a century, through rural New Zealand's highs and lows, and they're in it for the long-haul.

Check out there website at - https://www.fmg.co.nz 

Dunstan Horse Feeds

Dunstan Nutrition are leaders in formulating New Zealand Horse Feeds for New Zealand Horses perform­ing under New Zealand conditions. Created in 1986, Dunstan has been at the forefront of equine nutrition, working in association with Equine Veterinary Professionals to develop products which ensure optimal performance.

Dunstan Horse Feeds are produced in specialised equine-safe manufacturing plants in the heart of the Waikato. They have a commitment to research and development.
This enables Dunstan to produce the best feeds for the health and well-being of every New Zealand horse from Foals to Yearlings, Racehorses through to Sports Horses, Leisure Horses and the Ageing Horse. 

For more information please check them out at - https://www.dunstan.co.nz

Bellissimo Day Spa

Indulge all your senses, let go of all your worries and escape to Bellissimo Day Spa, Ashburton.


Our quest is to provide a superior professional service and a memorable experience.

Check out their luxury treatments at https://www.bellissimodayspa.co.nz 

Ambition Equestrian 

Ambition Equestrian is the brand of the talented Nicole Martin. Show turnout queen that offers complete turnout packages for all your horsing events.

Check them out at https://www.facebook.com/ambitionequestriannz 


Boomedia is a graphic and web design studio founded with the goal of providing their clients with the best results possible. They believe in the power of design to help businesses stand out and make an impact. Their team of experienced designers are passionate about crafting digital solutions that will make your business look great and help you reach your goals.

BOOMedia take pride in their work and strive to provide each client with a personalized design experience. With a keen eye for detail, their designs are creative, unique and tailored with your specific needs in mind.

Talented Nicole Martin strikes again with her Graphic & Web Design at super competitive prices with no loss on quality!

Check them out at https://www.boomedia.co.nz 

Black Forest Station

The Innes Family and their children, are the fourth generation to farm Black Forest Station on the north eastern shores of Lake Benmore. They farm Merino sheep, run a small Agricultural Helicopter Company, and a popular Accommodation Business.

Visit their holiday houses below or have a look at their fabulous photos on the Black Forest Station Facebook page. The views are outstanding! https://blackforeststation.co.nz/ 

Compliance Partners

Compliance Partners provide health and safety, occupational health and human resources services to local businesses and farms. Their dedicated team can help with anything from policy and procedures for health and safety and human resources to recruitment, health monitoring, workplace risk assessment, pre-employment and drug testing. Starting with a free no-obligation chat, assess your needs and work with you to create an ongoing plan. Whether it's a one-off visit or ongoing support and training, Compliance Partners can tailor a solution to fit your needs. They come to you and do regular check ins to make sure you are on the right track. Be sure to visit them at https://cp.org.nz/   

Duwell NZ

Duwell Supplements NZ helps horse owners like you solve your horses behavioural and health concerns that are caused by out of balance feeding and pasture related issues. We provide effective solutions by way of extensively trialled supplement solutions designed for New Zealand conditions, together with one on one help and advice, case studies and website resources. 

Duwell is owned and operated by Cristy Hughes. Based in Hawkes Bay, Cristy has been around horses for many years. From teaching at the local Pony Club, to competing her own horse - Matt - up to level 4 dressage, as well as being very successful in the show ring.

Cristy is knowledgeable and passionate about her products as well as being friendly and approachable. 

Check our their awesome range of products and receive a Flying Fillies discount using the following website https://duwell.co.nz/discount/FFH 

The Bottle-O Seaview

The Bottle-O is a true independently owned and operated New Zealand retail liquor store and they aim to make sure you feel welcome every time you step through their doors.

The Bottle-O is committed to delivering genuine value to all their customers and they work hard to make sure you get a fair deal every day of the year, this is their brand promise to you.

The Bottle-O pride themselves on knowing their local community, their customers, their products and supporting the community that supports them.

Whether it's the perfect wine for a dinner party or beer for a BBQ, they always have the right product and personalised service that makes every occasion easy and fun.

At The Bottle-O Seaview, the store owners are Real Locals, providing you Real Value!

Check them out at https://seaview.shop.thebottleo.co.nz 

Glenmore Station

Glenmore Station is located in the Cass Valley, a 15-minute drive from Tekapo township. As guardians of some of the most pristine landscapes in the South Island, the Murrays welcome visitors to experience Glenmore's pure magic via ski touring, hiking, biking, 4WD tours and staying in their private backcountry huts.

Will and Ems Murray farm merino sheep, deer and cattle on Glenmore Station. Covering 19,000-odd hectares, the property rises from the western shore of Lake Tekapo to the border of the Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park. Very supportive members of the South Canterbury Hunt. Please visit their website for more information at https://www.glenmorestation.co.nz 

Stephanie Bullock

Stephanie is an independent, internationally qualified saddler and saddle-fitter who prides herself in working hard to find the best solution for both horse and rider.

Stephanie is a NZ qualified saddler and UK Society of Master Saddlers (SMS) qualified and registered saddle fitter.

Stephanie has a life-time of experience in riding, achieving her Pony Club A and H Certificate and still actively competes today.

Check out her website - https://www.psfarmequestrian.com/  

VDS Equestrian

Based in Canterbury VDS Equestrian offers both flatwork and pole work lessons to individuals, groups, pony club clinics and riding clubs of all levels.

Home to Poles Plus which is about making flatwork fun at the same time as making it a very beneficial workout for both horse and rider.

* Suitable for all ages and abilities

* Perfect for young/green horses needing social outings

* A great way to meet new people and add variety to your training

* Improves your horse's balance, suppleness, proprioception, core strength, top line, rhythm, flexibility and fitness

* Improves rider balance, aid precision and accuracy

Sarah is originally from Scotland and believe me, YOU WILL LOVE HER LESSONS!!! Check her out at https://www.vdsequestrian.com 

Emma Becroft

Emma has always had a passion for all things art and horses. She is self-taught and enjoys doing art in her free time.

Emma has recently returned home and started a welding apprenticeship locally.

Emma is enjoying riding with Mum, Jo Heath, and looking forward to hunting with her this season with the South Canterbury Hunt. 

The Stable Door 

The Stable Door Equine is an equestrian store located in Ashburton. Owned by the Quaid family who are great supporters of all things equestrian. The Stable Door stocks a wide range of equine and animal products.

Be sure to visit them in store on West Street, Ashburton or check out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheStableDoorEquine 

The Honey Collection

A Story of love and inspiration: a love affair with Mānuka honey; and several sparks of genius which has helped to formulate the range of unique Mānuka honey skincare products.

Over 40 years in the making, their story began with very humble beginnings in Jean Coombe's kitchen sink. Jean struggled with severely sensitive skin that became irritated and inflamed whenever she would use skincare products and she knew there had to be a better solution. So, armed with the philosophy of doing things as naturally as possible and the knowledge that Mānuka honey is magical, Jean began crafting her own natural skincare. From there the demand for her products grew from friends and family to a small artisan market clientele. However, it was not until she passed the reins over to her son, Nick Coombe, 26 years ago that The Honey Collection was born. The rest, as they say, is history.

Check them out at https://honeycollection.co.nz 

Joe O'Sullivan 

High country horseman Joe has finished up farming after twenty years and is now a Farrier servicing Mackenzie and South Canterbury.

Joe is enjoying his new venture working with horses, as well as meeting new people and seeing some new country.

Joe is a proud new member of the South Canterbury Hunt and can be seen on his striking black horse.  

Tiffany Ottley

Tiffany is a self taught photographer that lives in the heart of South Canterbury, the quiet little town of Waimate. Tiffany has ridden horses from when she could walk and what was an enjoyable family hobby, became a full blown passion and slight obsession. 

Tiffany has a clear understanding about what makes a great horse photo. The reason she is so passionate about equine portraits is because she's realised that the purpose of her life is to take photos that show how special each and every horse is to their owner. 

Check out her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/tiffanyottleyphotography


Timaru Golf Club

Timaru Golf Club is a magnificent 18-hole course that awaits local golfers or visitors to the South Canterbury region. With an extensive development programme over the last three years, the course is fast becoming a local favourite with a reputation for providing a unique challenge for golfers of all abilities. 

If you are looking to get started in golf, the club offers a variety of programmes and events aimed at introducing adults, beginners and young people to the game.

Check them out online at https://www.timarugolfclub.co.nz


AgriVantage pride themselves on providing New Zealand rearers and farmers with quality, cost-effective milk replacers and innovative rearing solutions designed to provide young animals with the best start in life.🐑🐄

AgriVantage's Sprayfo milk replacers are expertly formulated to nourish calves, lambs, and kids (yes, the goat kind!). But why stop there? AgriVantage has the only natural bovine colostrum powder available on the market—Launchpad18 Colostrum Powder. This powder provides immune support and the energy needed for the optimal start for small animals.

Say Hello to a Cleaner, Safer Environment for your Horses! Meet Stalosan F, your ultimate ally against bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, and fly larvae while also neutralising ammonia. It's the perfect choice for keeping stables, floats, or horse trucks hygienically clean.

All AgriVantage products are rigorously tested and supported with top-notch advice from their nutritional specialists. Look out for Cheryl Farrar, AgriVantage's South Island Business Manager and member of the South Canterbury Hunt, along with her lovely filly, Coco Chanel, for personalised guidance on all things AgriVantage!

Let's Raise Champions at https://www.agrivantage.co.nz

The Point Butcher

Haydn and Suze Cleland are childhood sweethearts who grew up in South Canterbury. Together they own two butchery businesses and are passionate supporters of following their four children's sporting adventures including The SC Hunt where both Suze and youngest daughter of four children, Ally-May are members. 

The Point Butcher purchased by the couple four years ago offers a quality retail butcher shop in the heart of the Pleasant Point Community. The team pride themselves using local beef, pork and lamb. From prime steaks, salamis, boneless rolled chickens, mouth watering dry cured bacon and the most popular Manuka smoked streaky bacon. 

YUM!!! Be sure to check them out in-store or online at https://www.facebook.com/thepointbutcher 


Sparrowhawk New Zealand Ltd has been operating since 2005 and is a local South Canterbury company formed to facilitate the provision of Practical firearms training, application and mindset.

The range of Sparrowhawk NZ course curriculum spreads from developing entry level and novice small arms training and firearm safety skills in rifle, handgun, carbine and shotgun in competition or sporting applications, through to Advanced Tactical applications of the above systems and mental conditioning for high stress interpersonal conflict to military and Law Enforcement personnel.

Sparrowhawk NZ offers dynamic and practical courses promoting the concept of "The Modern Technique" developed by the late Col. Jeff Cooper over 30 years ago. This proven foundation of embedded skills and mental conditioning is used as the basis for Sparrowhawk's skill at arms training doctrine.

Be you an entry level, a recreational shooter, IPSC or multi-discipline competitor, our programs will up-skill you.

Be sure to check them out online at https://www.sparrowhawk.co.nz

Tryphena Carter

Tryphena, has enjoyed horses her whole life. She mainly focusses on breeding and showing and is also an RAS affliated Judge. Hunting has become a favourite for her and she is a current member of Eastern Southland Hunt. Tryphena splits her time between Southland & Canterbury and works full time as a registered Rural Valuer.

She has a wee side hustle making drop down stirrups leathers. After coming across these in Europe, Tryphena decided they were a must have in NZ so created 'Tryphena & Co Fine Leather Goods' and enjoys helping those shorter or less springy folk get onto their big horses with ease. Check them out at https://www.instagram.com/tryphena_co_fine_leather_goods/?igsh=MWQyemx4NjFwNzRnbg%3D%3D&utm_source=qr

Joanne Heath

Jo Heath is heading into her 8th season hunting with South Canterbury. She is super passionate about all things horses and is a very kind, hardworking and generous person. Prior to moving to the South Island, Jo hunted with Kaipara.

Jo started riding as an adult due to being from a non horsey family. She enjoys the thrill of bringing on young horses and does a fabulous job of starting them. Jo has two talented hunters whom she has started herself. She works for First Light Farms and travels a lot with her job. If you are ever up for some horse fun, outings or adventures, hit Jo up, she loves an excursion on horseback! 

Performance Equine

Richard Turner, owner of Performance Equine has been providing equestrian services for competition sport horses, pleasure horses, and racehorses in the greater Canterbury and West/Central Otago areas since 2021. Focussing on Diagnosis and Treatment of Lameness, Respiratory Conditions, Under Par Performance in Competition Horses and Ponies and Pre-purchase Examinations. They employ diagnostic tools including Digital Radiography, Digital Ultrasonography, Overground Dynamic Endoscopy, Overground Telemetric ECG, and Haematology for precise assessments and tailored treatments. 

Latest diagnostics include:

- Arioneo | Equine technology - Health & Performance monitoring - Training solutions

- ProPulse Shock Wave Therapy in Australia and New Zealand Medical Plus. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy is specifically designed for ligament and back injuries, promoting optimal healing and recovery. One of three in the South Island, available for treatments throughout
the region.

Performance Equine aim to ensure optimal health, fitness, and success of your equine athletes. Providing therapies tailored to meet the unique needs of your horse. Highly recommend Richard! Give him a call on 027 252 5262 to discuss your equines.

Mckenzie Country Clothing

A small bespoke clothing brand with hunting rider in mind. Mckenzie Country Clothing coats are lined with our family tartan. A range of woollen & summer weight hunt coats, we cater for all of your needs.

Kelly Mckenzie has been hunting since the age of 9, but had a break when she was in the UK for 12 years. Kelly now hunts with Rotorua & Bay of Plenty, and has done for the past 6 seasons. Hunting is in her blood, with her mother hunting and her auntie's whipping for South Canterbury more than 50 years ago. As our family is from the Mackenzie country it is nice to incorporate a little bit of heritage in my coats as the lining is also our family tartan.

Check out Kelly's Facebook page at - https://www.facebook.com/mckenziecountryclothing/  

Beyond The Bit

BTB is beyond a brand, it is clothing designed and produced not just for a purpose but for a lifestyle. Our aim is to dress the equestrian rider not just to ride but to feel their best on and off the horse, our collections are all encompassing and growing.

BTB is known for our tailored yet contemporary style, creating modern accessible products from high performing, technical fabrics that have the feel of luxury without the price tag.

Founded by Alicia Readman in November 2014, BTB was the first equestrian business of its kind in New Zealand. Alicia identified the need for a quality and style focused brand with an economical price point. Having been involved in the fashion and manufacturing industry for the past 16 years, Alicia has grown from the business from producing a few select products into being NZ's most established equestrian brand, designing the largest range of technical, functional and stylish clothing for the NZ rider. She continues to focus firmly on the future and strives to evolve BTB even further.

BTB is for everyone, all riders, all disciplines - for lovers of the horse. Check them out at https://beyond-the-bit.myshopify.com

Lydia Cleghorn

Schooling by Lydia - offering a small boutique schooling and mileage service, along with equine holiday stays. Lydia is an active show pony rider and you will see her out most weekends doing the show circuit. Lydia is based in the beautiful foothills of Mt Horrible, on the outskirts of Timaru. Her bookings are extremely limited as your pony gets top priority. Winter is the time of the year for Lydia to focus on starting her own horses and enjoying some hunting. When the days get longer again, Lydia is able to take on 1-2 schoolers, so get in quick and book your space with this talented young rider. 

Check her out online at https://www.facebook.com/schoolingbylydia 

The Upcycle Barn

The Upcycle Barn - trading as MMB Ltd, is based in Timaru with a client base ranging mostly from Christchurch through to Central Otago, offering delivery options.

The Upcycle Barn specialise in bringing new life back into old furniture that is past it's 'used by date'! They repurpose furniture, reupholster chairs and footstools and love to make and create lots of rustic pieces such as coat racks, beer crate seats/tables/trays etc. Team Upcycle also love to hunt down vintage and rustic wares to sell.

Marty is a horse lover from way back, so gets extra excited when creating something with a horse theme!

Check them out here at https://www.facebook.com/upcyclebarn 

Flexible Fit Equestrian

Flexible Fit Equestrian has revolutionised the saddlery industry. Started in Australia in 2008, they provide top quality leather products to every level of rider worldwide. Flexible Fit provide you with a customised fit by allowing you to customise your bridle, at off the rack prices.

They pride themselves on their affordability, quality, and comfort for your horse. Flexible Fit have a huge range of products that cater for every horse and rider in each English Discipline. Also incorporated is a range of cutting edge breastplates and girths into our product range.

Be sure to have a nosey here https://ffequestrian.com.au 

Galaxy Equine

Sarah Galaxy is a full time horse breeder, trainer and coach. Boasting from Maxwell just out of Wanganui, Sarah stands two stallions, father and son. 

Galaxy Equine breed and train performance ponies and sport horses, all sharing the bloodlines of the great foundation stallion Pourewa. Galaxy Ponies and horses are not only known for their jumping ability in any discipline, but their outstanding natures and trainability.

Be sure to visit https://www.facebook.com/GalaxyEquine 


Equi-Smart is the side hustle of Wellington based Riding Instructor, Sez Woodfield. Sez believes all horses, no matter if they are a show horse or a paddock friend, should have the opportunity to look (and smell!) amazing. Equi-Smart stocks a range of popular products from Hairy Pony, to MP Gloss, to local NZ businesses such as Molly & Max and The Honey Trap. 

Equi-Smart is now the sole NZ supplier of 'EquiDry', a fantastic UK riding jacket which makes warm and dry riding in winter easier. They also have a large range of clippers and accessories which make that perfect hunting clip even easier. And all with friendly quick service.

Be sure to check them out at https://equismart.co.nz

Canterbury Equissage Hire

Owned and operated by Jazz Neale since 2016, Canterbury Equissage Hire offers horse owners an opportunity to experience regular therapy for their horses in the comfort of their own property.

The equissage improves blood flow through vibrations, helping to remove toxins via the lymphatic system. Your horse is an athlete and therefore requires good circulation to achieve peak performance and optimised muscle tone.

Additionally, increased circulation enhances recovery from work or injury, oxygenates the blood, reduces swelling and joint discomfort prevents lactic acid build-up and the accumulation of toxins

Be sure to bid on auction #47 for a month of Equissage hire or visit Jazz's facebook page 'Canterbury Equissage Hire' at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100071055611476


Agriculture has long been the cornerstone of New Zealand's export economy and at the heart of so many of our communities throughout the country. Humes is the name these farmers and growers turn to when it comes to creating reliable solutions to support productive and profitable farm operations.

Kiwi farmers need products they can trust are going to get the job done, while withstanding everything that the elements and hard-wearing operations throw at them. Humes manufacture and supply high quality, durable rural products that are quick and economical to install on farm, including water reticulation, stock control, land drainage, effluent control, well liners and effluent systems.

Check them out at https://www.humes.co.nz

Nicole Ostermeier

Nicole Ostermeier a former dressage rider based in South Canterbury. Nicole gives dressage/flatwork lessons in the area, clips horses, sells water filtration systems for your home and lastly sells AllinFlex (a joint supplement company for people, dogs and horses).

Lock her in to get rid of those winter woolies! 

Get in touch with Nicole today at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100095434410651 

Harlau House Cafe

Harlau House Café is a place to explore new tastes, meet with friends and spend pleasant evenings with a drink in hand. The design team from Maree Hynes Interiors have crafted a space to gather, celebrate, eat, connect, indulge, relax and walk away with a smile.

Whatever the weather, you'll be right at home in their cosy café surrounded with the smell of freshly cooked fare and greeted by the welcoming staff who'll go the extra mile to add to your experience.

Head on out and enjoy a beautiful meal in their relaxing country setting. Have a pre nosey at https://harlauhousecafe.co.nz

Michele Allan

High Country Image, Lake Tekapo offers family and wedding portraiture on location in the Greater Canterbury area. Michele and the team offer experienced photography and professional printing service to create a unique opportunity, capturing treasured memories.

Are you celebrating a unique Milestone birthday or family occasion? Join us to create an outdoor family portrait session to celebrate family, connection and unity. Include your pets, passions and activities that make your team stand out as unique and treasured. 

Be sure to bid on Michele's very generous auction #77 at https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=high%20country%20image 

Donaghys Ltd

Donaghys is a New Zealand company that's taking on the world and succeeding; on farms, in horticulture, aquaculture and manufacturing.

Few NZ companies have traded continuously for 140 years. Owned and operated by Kiwis, our team at Donaghys are rightfully proud of their achievements.

Initially famous for ropes, the company also has a name for itself in the agricultural sector and is continuing a tradition of innovation and service with a large range of products aimed at the farming sector.

Check them out at https://donaghys.com, and be sure to have a look at what they have generously donated in Auctions #76, 82 & 83.

Mary Gazzard

Mary is a long time hunt supporter and self confessed hoarder of nice things. Mary's involvement with horses started at a young age with both parents actively involved in hunting and the then NZ Horse Society. Mary has been involved in the SCNO Show-jumping and Show Hunter group as a competitor and Secretary. Mary and partner Brett were regulars on the hunt field on their unicorns Zam and Frosty, until racing commitment's and aging hunters took them away from being active riding members.

Maree Handy 

Maree Handy grew up on a sheep & beef farm in Western Southland. She got her first pony at age 5 and from then on, that was life. Maree rode the hills at home before leaving school to go full time shepherding. She spent her teen years, when time allowed, hunting with the Birchwood hounds.

Maree has always picked up both a pencil and paints from a young age and drawn or painted mostly the animals she was surrounded by. Although Maree is not full time with her art, she is progressing slowly and is going to Christchurch fortnightly to classes and has just finished the Wanaka Autumn Art School.

Maree loves watercolour and mixed media and has recently branched into landscape as well. She loves nothing better than taking photos whilst trekking in the backcountry and gathering material of scenes she'd love to paint.

Maree's lovely partner is building her a studio at the moment and she's very much looking forward to shutting herself away with her paints whenever she gets the chance; when horses and dogs aren't calling.

We will hopefully see Maree on the hunt field sometime soon. In the meantime check out her facebook page under 'Maree Handy Art'.

Kakariki Flowers

Kakariki Flowers is a boutique florist and cut flower grower nestled on the Canterbury Plains in Ashburton. Kelly works with her own grown or locally sourced seasonal blooms to create individual hand tied bouquets and also specialises in one of a kind wedding florals.

Kakariki Flowers also provide local gifts with delicious cakes by Kaity's Cakes and beautiful candles from M.E Luxury Soy Candles.

Check out their website at https://kakarikiflowers.co.nz/ 


Heiniger is the World's leading precision engineering company specialising in the production of tools to remove hair and fibre from animals.

For professional shearers, only the highest quality is acceptable and they're proud that the Heiniger name is synonymous with the quality, reliability and precision they need. The proximity to their customers in markets such as Australia and New Zealand in particular – combined with the engineering technology and precision manufacturing of Swiss technology – has arguably seen the Heiniger name become proud world leaders in the manufacturing and supply of professional sheep shearing and clipping equipment.

Check them out at https://www.heiniger.co.nz 

Mt Gerald Station

Mt Gerald Station is home to South Canterbury hunt member Ginny Sutton and the Burtscher Family, who have kindly supported the Flying Fillies Hunt. Located at the top of Lake Tekapo, Mt Gerald provides a unique agistment facility in the Mackenzie high country.

Mainland Coachwork Ltd

Horse Coaches based in Canterbury, New Zealand. While Mainland Coachwork may be situated in the small Mid Canterbury town of Ashburton, their Horse Coaches are well recognised and have been delivered all over New Zealand.

Managing Director, Paul Chapman has worked over 15 years for a local bus and motorhome repair business and has been owner of Mainland Coachwork for 9 years.

Their passionate, high calibre team of 12, pride themselves on exceptional workmanship, building on time and on budget and enjoy forming strong friendships with those they build Horse Coaches for. When you deal with Mainland Coachwork your new Horse Coach will be built to suit your individual needs and will be built to the highest quality from New Zealand sourced products.

So, whether you're after a simple Horse Float repair or fit out, a luxurious Horse Palace (fit for the whole family), give the good guys at Mainland Coachwork a call. You'll be glad you did! https://www.mainlandcoachwork.co.nz/ 

Sarah Power

Sarah Power Art is happy to support the South Canterbury Hunt. Sarah is from a SC farming family & has always been involved with horses. Her Grandmother hunted & bred racehorses, so it must be in the DNA! Over the years Sarah has had a cross section of horse related interests including hunting (mostly with Waimate), showjumping, racing & breeding. 

Sarah took up her love for painting with oils and watercolours more seriously 10+ years ago … so combined with a passion for animals it hasn't been difficult to find suitable subjects.

Check out her website here: www.sarahpowerarts.co.nz  


Founded in New Zealand by a couple of Kiwis who love a cold beer, Huski is all about delivering a better drinking experience by keeping your drinks at the perfect temperature for longer.

Huski was created in the belief that sometimes it's the little things that can make a big difference. That's why they've made it their mission to design products that are high-performance, built to last and timeless in style so that it's better for their customers and the planet.

Designing great products that people love is really important to Huski and using customer feedback to help shape their products has turned out to be an award-winning formula.

Having won multiple international design awards, including the prestigious Australian Good Design Award and New York Product Design Award.

Huski started this adventure in New Zealand, but now sell all over the world. Check them out at https://www.huski.co.nz/ 


LSKD (Loose Kid)... is an Australian-owned and operated brand that prides itself in producing, high-quality, functional sportswear with a street aesthetic. Ever since their formation in 2007, they've never been content settling for the norm; and constantly evolving and challenging the status quo. LSKD inspired by the restless few who influence style, shape the future and strive to be 1% better every day. 

The best fitness and everyday wear ever! Order online now at https://www.lskd.co/ 

Mackenzie Alpine Horses

Enjoy a horse trek through the spectacular scenery of Lake Tekapo with Mackenzie Alpine Horses.

Mackenzie Alpine Horses is owned and operated by Sarah Simpson. Sarah lives on Balmoral Station, a 10,000-hectare high country Merino, deer, and cattle station run by her husband Sam. This is where the Horse trekking is fortunate enough to be based. She adores showing off this spectacular landscape and it's breathtaking views to those who visit.

Sarah is a valued South Canterbury Hunt Member and has ridden horses for over 20 years. She has successfully competed to a high level in eventing and show jumping and considers herself extremely lucky to be able to combine her passion for horses, with her passion for trekking across an amazing part of New Zealand. 

Sarah and her experienced guides will make sure your horse trekking experience is not to be forgotten! Check them out online at https://www.mackenziealpinehorses.co.nz/ 

Steve Williamson Fencing 

Steve enjoys all types of rural and lifestyle fencing and building sheep and cattle yards.

If you're keen to have some fencing done give him a call on 0274553385 for a no obligation free estimate.

If he's not on the fence line you'll find him up the mountain if there's fresh powder snow.

The Donut Den

Donut Den, based in Timaru, is mobile and will travel to your event, supplying fresh hot mini donuts.

They also have a new Donuts & Fries trailer serving delicious fresh chips & hot mini donuts. With trained staff who know how to make donuts & chips fast, they ensure our lines move quickly. Donut Den also provide 3 flavours of ice cold Slushies and a selection of cold drinks.

For a Mobile Donut vendor who pride themselves on appearance and well maintained equipment you can't go past The Donut Den.

Call Grace on Ph 0215 47223 to book us or email bookings@donutden.co.nz today.

Helen Clarke

Helen Clarke has ridden since she was very young and has hunted for over 50yrs. She also whipped for four years for the South Canterbury Huntsman Bruce Anderson and always enjoyed working the hounds from the kennels. It has been great to see her out watching some of the hunts this season. 

Helen Scott

Helen is Joint Master of the South Canterbury Hunt and comes from a successful competitive riding background. While often seen leading the field or in the competition ring it is teaching grassroots riding where Helen feels most at home and she absolutely loves sharing her passion with the next generation!

Helen and Husband Andrew farm in Cannington, Cave and have 3 children who are also horse enthusiasts, Annie, Heidi and Arthur.  

Simpson Family

Isolation Bay & Silver River Stargazing are owned by Steve Berge & Amanda Simpson of Balmoral & Mt Hay Stations, Lake Tekapo. Situated a short drive from Tekapo's township, Isolation Bay is one of Lake Tekapo's premier accomodation destinations, offering complete privacy as well as private beach access, guests are able to fully immerse themselves in the wild beauty of the Lake Tekapo landscapes. Silver River Stargazing takes place on 50,000 acres of Lake Tekapo farmland, all of which fall within the Gold rated Aoraki International Night Sky Reserve, home of some of the darkest night skies in the world. 

Have a look online at https://silverriverstargazing.com/ or type in Isolation Bay into Air BnB.