Terms & Conditions

The Participating Hunts reserve the right to limit numbers, change hunt venue or cancel the hunt without refund due to adverse weather conditions.

Refund Policy: Any refund for cancellation or withdrawal of the meet is at the discretion of the committee.

Hunting is made possible by the kind permission of landowners. Please respect their property:

  • Don't clean out your horse truck/trailer on the landowner's property,
  • Leave all gates as found,
  • Remove all litter, hay, and horse feed,
  • Report any damage to the Hunt officials – It is not a crime to break a fence, it is a crime not to report it,
  • No dogs.

For safety reasons, all riders under 17 years must be accompanied by an adult rider.

All participants to attend the Pre-Hunt Health and Safety Briefing and follow all instructions.


I acknowledge that there are risks of injury to the health and safety of others associated with my participation. I agree to comply with any instructions or directions given to me by any official of the participating hunts. If I observe any unusual hazard during my presence or participation, I agree to immediately bring it to the attention of the nearest official.

By participating in a South Canterbury Hunt Inc event I expressly accept all risks personally and release and hold harmless the Participating Hunts, its officers, committee members, employees, any landowners and occupiers of the land used during the hunt, and other persons involved in running or otherwise assisting with the hunt from all and any liability, claims, damage, losses or causes of action of any kind including negligence that I may have at any time by reason of any matter, cause or thing whether caused by any act or omission of The Participating Hunts or any third parties, or for any other reason.

I acknowledge that I have read the above terms and conditions and agree I am bound by these terms and conditions upon registration on this form.